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"Keeping the punches where they belong"

"The Coach influenced me to be a good person inside and outside the ring."

- Eduardo Martinez

The Coach


Jesse Torres is a retired professional boxer and a role model, and through his volunteer works has become known in the community as "Coach Torres". Through his profession as an Aurora Police Officer, he serves the citizens of Aurora. After years of professional boxing and working as an Officer of the law, he wanted to give back to the community.

In 1998 he opened a boxing club on the east side of Aurora and invited anyone who was interested to join. It was a great opportunity for him to teach kids about discipline, health and fitness, and more importantly, keep them off the streets. With his own time and from his own pocket, Jesse has worked diligently to keep the gym open because he knows what the gym means to the community. But It doesn't stop there.

He takes time from his weekend to take the kids to compete in tournaments and be their support. He's spent countless hours being a mentor to the youth, and has taught them values such as self-discipline, good sportsmanship and respect. He gives guidance and helps direct them to make responsible decisions; he has influenced the community by his dedication and support system and has inspired many to work hard to accomplish their dreams.

Jesse The Coach
Jesse 'The Law'